Poem Condemning Violence


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In The Name Of God

Spineless slaughterers -
planting bombs,
blowing up innocents
in cold-blood,
inflicting casualties
making rivulets flow with blood
weaving a web of conspiracy
spreading terror
to perpetuate fear in minds,
all in the name of God!

Callous cowards -
preaching hatred and practicing violence
singing dreadful lullabies
of sleepless nightmares
dancing in the rain of bloodshed
they quench their scarlet appetite
with human lives and
blood of the unfortunate victims
all in the name of God!

Brutal butchers -
slaughtering the poor civilians
spitting venom of vengeance
brutally annihilating bodies and souls
painting the verdant land crimson
with blood-stained brush from the palette of
caste, colour, creed, race and faith,
all in the name of God!

Ruthless ravagers
stabbing brotherhood in the back
burying humanity deep down
the grave of dead heart,
slashing the secular souls
with deadly daggers and
savage scimitars of religion
without a grain or remorse
all in the name of God!

Mindless murderers
of mankind, peace and harmony
turning cities into graveyards,
sowing fatal seeds of hatred and
harvesting crops of contempt
Don’t burn the roses for the sake of vicious thorns
for helpless tears I can see in Mother India’s eyes
seeing her children die…

For God’s sake
stop this madness, reprisal and carnage
in the name of God…

Contributing Poet - Bharat B. Trivedi, a Commerce Graduate from Bombay University! Born and brought-up in Bombay (Mumbai) but currently I live in BAHRAIN (M. East). Employed as a Financial Accountant. I’m a down-to-earth Male, but often ride on white-winged Pegasus to unexplored continents and unknown lands to pen poems. My poetries revolve around words and imagery, but Melancholy usually peeps in most of my poems, through a tiny key-hole. I strongly believe - “Life is pendulum swaying between a tear and a smile" [email protected]



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