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My Race

I am not an ace
But still I am in the race

Not in the Race for money and for honey,
Coz itís costly and itís funny.

Not in the Race for success and for status,
Coz itís difficult and how can somebody rate us.

Not in the Race for class and for grade,
Coz Itís difficult and I donít know what to parade.

Not in the race for pride and for honour,
Coz itís better to find a comfortable corner.

Surely I am not an ace
But still I am in the race

In the race for struggle and courage,
Coz thatís how you lighten your luggage.

In the race for direction and for mission,
Coz it helps your mind to properly function.

In the race for love & for happiness,
Coz that is the only way to worthiness.

In the race for help and support,
Coz itís the true card of report.

Certainly I am not an ace
But still I am in the race

I am in a race with someone well known,
Coz itís lovely to be best of your own.

So I am in a race with myself,
Coz itís best to win over yourself.

Contributed By- Saurabh Taneja [email protected] 



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