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My Grave I Dug

Dry and parched are my lips,
They search for your fingertips,
My body longs for your arms so caring,
With you my dear, there's no comparing.

You whispered your love into my ear,
Buried your face amidst my hair,
Held me tight like there's no tomorrow,
There I was cradled away from all sorrow.

I stand in the open, mighty rain falls,
See your silhouette beyond, do I hear you call?
Remembered walking everyday in the morning dew,
Nothing really mattered as I was meeting you.

My eyelids fly open, the room looks bleak,
I swiftly sit up, tears flow down my cheek,
Calling your name run in and around,
Nook and corner searched, but you are not found.

I run to the terrace, stare across the street,
No sign of you at all, I tumble in defeat,
My conscience questions "What did you do?
Time has run out", have I lost you?

I look back to the day I let you go,
Betrayed you, killed your faith, hurt you so,
Thinking it to be the bittersweet revenge of life,
Made you see me as another man's wife

But your life goes on, truth accepted,
Here's the fool, who true love rejected,
I look at you; you turn away with a shrug,
In the sands of time, my grave I dug.

Contributing Poet - Malati Karthikeyan Contact : [email protected]



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