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My Destiny

In a foggy mist stood a colossal gate
Where an angel stood to contemplate my faith.
Beyond the gates of heaven I saw
A world that simply left me in awe.

So I turned to the angel anxiety struck
Gathering my nerve I began to stammer
"What can I do to please the Lord,
Present to him a melody, perhaps a secret chord?Ē

Said to me the angel serenely and tenderly,
"You stand right here before me
With your life serving testimony,
On earth itself you have formed your own destiny."

As my life rewound in front of my eyes,
I couldnít help but simply despise
My life on earth that I lived so callously
I alone was to be blamed for my destiny.

Through my window I could see the azure sky
The dream was obscure but the meaning alive.
I got up in a flash and slowly started to ponder
On my wayward life and precious moments squandered

Iíll change my ways, Iíll mend my life
As no secret chord could ever suffice.
To please the Lord Iíll change within me
After all it is me who chooses my own destiny.

Contributed By -  Lynn Ann Lobo, studying in St. Andrew's College, Bandra, Mumbai [email protected]





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