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As I Walk Down Murry Lane

As I walk down murry lane
Smell of coffee, cigarette buds soaking the rain

Broken glass where mice tread
White whiskered kittens

Boys playing soccer, shoe laces trailing the mud
Little puppies eating left over cherry pies

As the rain pours down the side of my face
Dew drops settle on my eyelashes, blurry rainbows in the sky

I walk further on with the road that unwinds my broken dreams
A settling sorrow as the entwining branches bend down reaching out to me

The rain pours and blends with the tears streaking my face
A faded peach in the dead rose beside a drain

Clouds of hope circle into a halo in the outreaches of the yellow pink sky
As the rain seeps into the ground below


Contributing Poet - Sonali Shaw Hi I am Sonali, 20 years old & living in Noida. I am in my final year at DU, doing English Honors. I enjoy writing, and am open to suggestions for improvement! [email protected]


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