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The Moon

Look at the rising moon,

The glowing moon, the growing moon,

Between the stars, in the skies,

It has to grow, it will grow…

It reminds me of a prince on chariot,

Wandering for his princess…

& the princess looking at the moon,

To get the glimpse of him,

And, the moon smiling back at her,

And, moon waiting to grow

The moon in the calmness,

The moon growing slow…

It reminds me of my infancies,

When I looked at moon

Thought I would hold it when it would come down,

& wanted it to come down soon…

And, the moon always in the stars,

Going everywhere- closer and far,

And, moon looks tranquil…

Seems, it has no need to get fulfilled…

It reminds me of infinity…

Infinite love and tenderness…

Preaching the world to be calm

Trying all broken hearts & things to darn…

And, the moon says it all…

The love, the care, and the smoothness it shows to all…

Oh! I like the growing moon…

See, it teaches us all!

Contributed By-  Kriti Sharma

[email protected]



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