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Don't Follow: Monsoon Dreams

 They just want to reach out;
Fluttering and gasping; into the sky!
They need to stand tall; higher into the clouds.
But, do they know? That the clock's ticking away?
Here I am! Standing loner!
I need to forget and forgive ma' past.
A need so intense, that it evolves a different tune!
As the monsoon sweeps the city,
With my cold hibernating thoughts all alone;
The talking winds of the fiery monsoon chokes!
No. not a single star up there;
Even the moon has more spots than everyday,
The steamy wind; so strong that the crow "floats" but can't fly!
It has been long that I left playing the paper boats;
Noah's ark has left my hands, long back.
I wish I had put my childhood in it, so that I could catch sometime today!!
{Talking of childhood they are all the same, first or the second, desired or undesired}
The sun's playing hide and seek all day long,
Seems like somebody's toying with days and the nights;
It happened before, when I was a child, the days were bigger and the nights small!
My poems are all angry with me!
Coz, I told them, I need to forget my past;
I want them beside me, but they are all asleep;
They say: they won't come until its night once again!!
I color my "dreams" and my "nights" both in black;
I wish somebody would give me a better choice, a better color, I love colors.
I don't want to live my life in another woman's night!

Contributing Poet -  Sauvik Paul - professionally I am a software engineer, but I write because I love to write. I write about emotions and relationships... occasionally deviating to politics, to sports, to humour articles. I have been an regular blogger since the last couple of years. I blog at various blogging sites such as blogspot and wordpress. Email: [email protected]


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