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Missing Someone

That was the best thing that ever happened to me
When this heart of mine suddenly fell for thee..
Now as I turn the pages of the album
Of the days we left behind,
I recall the silent promises
We had made through our eyes..
That we could walk miles to eternity, holding each others hand
While strolling on the beach, leaving footprints on the sand…
And with time as we started to grow
The subtle differences between us began to show
And when I sat down to write on the archies card
No longer did the words so artlessly flow…
As after sometime we did begin to comprehend
Love is just another phase of life…
Neither is it the beginning, nor the end..

So did the phase slowly fade away,
As there was much more to do in the long race
Ambitions to fulfill,responsibilities to undertake,
Think and act was the slogan of the day,
Poor “feeling” was left deserted,
Distance increased, yet we maintained,
We are, and we shall always remain friends

Happy I am with what I’m now, and so perhaps, are you
Yet often a strange loneliness haunts me in solitude,
And that’s perhaps when
The long lost girl inside,sighs again
“Flames to Ashes, Lovers to friends..
Why do all good things come to an end?”

[THEME: true love..quite an abstract idea today. sometimes you have to be practical ,and in the endeavour of being so, you are drifted away from your love,,no fights, no heartbreaks, just a mutual decision to remain friends, beacuse you have higher aims to achieve. and you are pleased with your ambitions the end of you feel an emptiness. wish that "someone" was there to share your joys, your success and failures??..that's when you really MISS SOMEONE]

Sinjana Ghosh a 2nd Year BTECH Student from Kolkata. Though I am from a  technical field, I am very passionate about writing, painting and dancing. I spend most of my leisure time surfing the net.  [email protected]

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