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Mere Humsafar

Mere humsafar, mere saath tum
sabhi mausamon mein raha karo.
kabhi dhool banke uda karo
kabhi phool banke gira karo.
kabhi dhoop banke uga karo,
kabhi shaam banke chaya karo.

mere haumsafar mere saath tum...
kabhi chaand banke dikha karo,
kabhi taron mein hansa karo.
kabhi saanso mein tum basa karo
kabhi aansuon mein baha karo.

mere humsafar mere saath tum...
kabhi rangon main tum dikha karo,
kabhi khushbuon se chua karo
kabhi nazaron se tum chupa karo
kabhi sapanon mein mila karo

mere humsafar mere saath tum..
kabhi aas banke dua karo
kabhi honsala bhi bana karo
kabhi intazaar bana karo
kabhi saath saath chala karo.

mere humsafar mere saath tum...
kabhi barishon mein mila karo
kabhi badalon mein chupa karo
kabhi humse tum kuch gila karo
kabhi shuru ek naya silsila karo

mere humsafar mere saath tum...
Kabhi leheron mein tum baha karo
kabhi sahilon pe mila karo, kabhi yuhin yaad aaya karo, kabhi khayalon se na jaaya karo.

mere haumsafar mere saath tum...
sabhi mausamon mein raha karo

Contributing Poet -   I am a MBA student from Bangalore. In the above poem have just tried to put down some of my thoughts recently. [email protected]



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