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Reminiscing Childhood and times spent with Parents


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When I was a kid,
My dad dropped me to school,
And, wiped my tears
That I shed while departing from him…

The chocolate that I got
After scoring cent percent score
And, I remember
How I always wanted more.

I remember how I fought
With other kids,
To prove my dad, and not theirs
Is the best,

The only time when tension occurred was exams
And cramps while results
It was that time when I licked Ice-cream
And it was tough to finish it before it melted…

Now, when I earn
I miss that 1 rupee coin which I got daily
Even in the car that picks me for office
I miss my bicycle that I used to ride and got scars

Now, when I can purchase things I want
I yearn for the Barbie doll I loved
When I catch music on MTV
I do miss those Sunday programmes that made me more content then DVD

When my mother used to feed me with her hands
And, when I could not sleep without listening to a story…
And, now eating pizzas and burgers
And listening to Britney too does not add to that glory…

The period was golden
And fun was endless…
But, you can't take away beautiful memories
You can try more or less

Parents are the best and the same
In highs and low
The only people who remain with us
From birth till late.

Contributed By-   Kriti Sharma, I am an IT Professional and an MBA student and love to pen my thoughts in the form of articles or Poems [email protected]



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