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Lost Identity

I look like you, but I am not like you.
I have a name, but no identity.
I am human, but have no humanity.

You live for your loved ones, I die for the unknown.
You have a goal. I am a lost soul.
Your sanity gives you eternity,

My insanity spreads hostility.
Your faith brings god closer to you,
My blind faith takes me closer to god.

I have a face but no expressions.
I have a heart but no emotions.
I have a mind but have no control over it.

I have a life but no value for it.

Don't trust me. I may betray you.
Don't love me b'coz I hate you.
Don't come closer. I may explode.

Beware!!! I am not human but a HUMAN BOMB

Contributing Poet - Smita Kamble, Bangalore

Presently Working As a Hindi Lecturer in a reputed Bangalore College. [email protected]





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