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The Lost Glory

To Mother Nature that nurtures our lives
The life of serene nature lives
Through the years of beauty in wild;
Much fresh, young and colorful
As long as the humans are away.

By a chance of naughty sight
Gain access to woods of quietness;
Disturb the green valley of wonder
Leaving aside the footprints in thick.

With species of rare now bare
Vicious humans shower wickedness;
Mingled with a view of trade
Towards a march for anti-green.

Very soon, within a decade
Would appear a deserted stretch;
Once that was a carpet of nature
Recovers never again in future.

What is left to garland the land
Is only a glimpse of dry sand;
Much to hear from its tears
The reminiscence of lost glory.

Copyright 2007 Selvaraj Chandrasekar

Contributing Poet -   A freelance copy/content/creative writer in English & Tamil, for the past 3 years writes for Thozil vaniga Mudaleedu, Travel & Shopp - Chennai /Bangalore edition, Nikitha Ad agency. Currently working as Manager -HR with a epublishing BPO in Chennai. [email protected]




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