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Lord Ullin's Diary Entry

My heart is now too fiery
While pinched by many a pin
Oh! You're my dearest diary
And I am Lord Ullin.

I've lost all my cheer
With the reasons for living
And what's left are mere
Sighing, sorrow and suffering.

The lovely spring is gone
From the garden of my life
My only daughter eloped
And I was left with a knife.

All those years I raised her
With as luxury as possible
And now what I discover,
To her beau she was too amiable.

To sent the armed horsemen
My raging heart forced me
For she refused to listen
Which I could never see.

But now when I've seen her
Drowning with my eyes
I could have forgiven her
Is what I now realise.

Whatever was the matter
She had her right to choose
From a defeated father
And her highland Chief of course.

It's too late, Alas!
To think about her feeling
My daughter, girl and lass
She's gone and left me mourning.

Due to the circumstances
I didn't have other choice
To get my pretty princess
I cried at top voice.

I was forced to react
The way I really did
It was natural, in fact
After all she was my kid.

But now there is nothing
Which I can do really
First time in my living
I am helpless totally.

I wish to modify
My miserable past
I wish I could die
In exchange for her fast.

I wish I wouldn't have erred
For her I want the same
If fault is considered
I can't give any name.

I wish I could be milder
And she wouldn't have been childish
I wish I could alter
I wish I wish I wish...


Contributing Poet  Shruti [email protected]




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