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Looking at

looking at the stars closing my eyes
and drifting long the melody
everything reminiscent.. days bygone as a novice
looking at the life around and its frantic parady

I felt the sting, of no thorn
gale of the past, blowing too hard
left now is the vestige of a soul battered and worn
echoes of past turning me into a bard

looking at the path, treaded long before
searching for the steps and the frolic
reticent fragrance that lingers but lasts no more
buried deep within and exists as a relic

looking at the smile and cheers
laying the way ahead unknown of pains
now that's left is a phantom of fears
and a droughted heart in a desert of rains

looking all around I found myself lost
everything there yet void of glare
deep within I found a host
that led me in past and long as I last

looking around I found the path
everything I lost was not a part of my host
it grew when I fell and stood when I knelt
looking around I saw the tide
opened my eyes found the ocean far and wide

with each mellowing wave and falling tide
I could see only the joy or the pain
what I saw when I unpacked my emotion
though the tide recedes but there shall always stay the ocean

Contributing Poet - Pavani Email: [email protected] 




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