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Life's Journey

In the garden, buds blossomed into the flowers,
On every tip of the meadow, tiny drops of the showers,
Waves rising in the sea, traveling miles to reach the shore,
Evincing life each moment, from acme to core.

Harboring the agony of digging its ways, to meet the galore,
From down the hills, onto the ground swiftly they pour,
Falling so hard, flows the stream making a mark,
Such is life, cruising through every shine and dark.

Rousing with solace in the cradle, hands clasped tight,
Until the moment, in eternal rest, hands open wide,
Endured the sweltering heat, and the freezing snow,
Along drifts the life, through its every high and low.

On a candle, burns a fiery flame with a strife,
And a stalwart whiff, puts an effort to make it dim,
Rises back crowning the wick with a vim,
Passing its warmth and light, until the end of its life...!!!

* * *

Contributed By Dipen Shroff An Electronics Engineer by profession, I like to write as a hobby. My work mostly includes writing poems, though I also prefer writing articles pertaining to daily life. An amateur at writing, I learn this art each time I put my thoughts into words. [email protected]



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