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Let Me Be

In the valley beyond land & sea
Amidst flowers different and alike
You are one special to thee
One worth the long hike

Savoring hues yellow & green
May not I forget you?
Or what I had seen
I decided to thee woo

Let me be-the peak
Ahead of all mage & sage
So I may hear chirp& tweak
And be there to see time & age

With the age of white
And the rule of the sun
May there be light
So to see I be one

Amidst dawn and dusk
I may not sleep
So to see polar and musk
My life-Let it be deep 

Contributing Poet - Miteshwar Singh I love writing poems as they are a sure shot way to express yourself and are something which represents the originality, life experiences and creativity of the poet [email protected]




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