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Leave a Legacy

When you’re taking the hits to get to your goal,
Not knowing if you’ll ever reach the gold.
Pushing the barriers the world has set,
Stumbling and crumbling, but never letting obstacles slow you down,
Climbing to the peak of the highest ground.
Taking the falls and dodging the rocks,
Knowing the view of success is so much better at the top.
When your dreams seem faded and doubt pounds down,
And your hope is jaded and your knees have hit the ground.
It’s at that moment when your inner drive sounds,
“Fight one last round”
Get out the dirt and fight for your worth,
If you want to make changes you have to roll up your shirt,
Take off your tie, get on your feet and have some pride,
It’s the things that you do in every day life.
Because being your best is the best thing in life.
Take pride in yourself and you shine for the world to see,
Life is not about surviving but leaving a legacy.

(Extract of 'The Winners Monologue' available at

Contributed By  Mark O’Hara  [email protected]

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