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Learn How to Live

Who pays trees...
To give thee shade…
And also confect that thee relish….

What about mellifluent songs nightingale sings for thee…..
When you feel low….

Just admire the bounty of nature…
Then why are you spoiling it…dullard creature!!!

Have you seen a tree fighting with another?
For currency as thee do…..
And, even after giving you endless...
What do you give nature in lieu?

Why to fight over boundary?
Thou can’t distinguish a sparrow crossing border…

Look at the sky,
The moon for all is one…
Same is for sun...
Then why can’t world be one?

If daffodils can laugh and dance,
Throughout their life span…
Why can’t we just forget grudges…?
And live like a man?

Only fools think themselves to be superior...
Can thee make out, how much water accumulated in rivers…
Enjoy life... Don’t think of any revenge
Dear human being laugh your heart out..
And just don’t be tensed...

Nothing is there in wars and hatred…
Let’s love and respect everyone
And let others too breathe…

Contributing Writer Kriti Sharma, an IT Professional and a student of MBA (Part time) from GGSIPU. [email protected]



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