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Laugh & laugh a lot,
Whether you like the joke or not.

Laugh & laugh a heap,
It's the basic for healthy sleep.

Laugh everyday,
It doesn't require anything to pay.

Laugh till the time you are hung (die),
It's the magic that keeps you young.

Laugh at your trouble,
Your energy gets double.

Laugh when you fail,
At least you won't bite your nail.

Laugh when you fall sick,
It's the quickest recovery trick.

Laugh whenever you seek,
It's the happiness at its peak.

Laugh with your ally,
It often multiply.

Laugh with your friends,
It generally ascends.

Laugh with your family,
It's worth spending lavishly.

Laugh to make someone smile,
At least you can make a trial.

Contributing Poet  Saurabh Taneja is 23 years old, pursuing C.S. course and likes to write short poems, play cricket & listen to music. [email protected]



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