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Jungle Deep

Dedicated to the Jungle of Pench

Ambling down, a moonlit town
at zero in the night

people asleep, in slumber so deep
ignoring all those beautiful sights

in jungle deep a placid lake
scatters the silver of a rising moon

crickets in reeds singing merrily
in somniferous tunes

The silhouetted trees, the turbulent steams
And pouring creeks all suggesting

What ‘Life’ has to mean

Hiding itself in brown and gray
a carnivore lurks to catch its prey

intermittent calls of the jungle pals
alarming others-Beware! Don’t fall

Time stands still, and the air gets filled
With an engrossing thrill

and a lonesome man, ambles down
the Jungle deep

Contributing Poet -   Suhas Kumar, I am an old man who has seen 52 winters so far. I work as a wildlife professional with the government. And like to speak out on behalf of animals who cannot speak in English or any other human language. @ Suhas Kumar Bhopal [email protected] 



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