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Joy is in The Way of Joy

In my own celebrations that
Between you and me a
Rainbow is formed,
I forgot the world,

And fixed my eyes at the sky
Leaving behind the dirt and dust,
And moved with a feeling that
A fall of a dry leaf is as divine as
The fall of sun rays and
The spread of flowery fragrance.

See, how the pains a lot receded.
The body receded, the mind followed,
And the pain found no place to reside!
And without the thunder and lightning
The rain of joy started to fall in us.

Joy in there in the thought of joy,
Joy in there in the desire of joy,
Joy in there only in the way of joy.

There were hundreds of pains
And I was amid them,
And had no way out.

But after you came to me I understood
That only in the way of joy,
One could find joy.

Contributing Poet -  Raghavendra M [email protected]



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