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All journeys may begin
And meander this way or that
Here on the rim of existence
In a world where time is time,
And matter is matter.

But each must travel inward
To the thick of existence
To the protoplasm of things
To that zone
Where time gets time-less,

Emptied of time and bartered with another currency;
And where Matter ceases to matter
And matters become immaterial.
All journeys may linger for a while
To drink at this well or the next
To become intoxicated at this bar or that,
Entangled in the tangibility of existence
In cities of atoms and molecules;
But each must sniff its way through

To that LOC
Where matter rarifies into the more Real!
All journeys may go from there to there
Or from here to there
But all must finally travel
To the here, to the my here and your here,
To the innermost here
To that in-most cave
Where the hermit sits
Concealed under piles of matter in penance.

A man may travel
And stretch himself like a chewing gum
Between countries or continents
Gravitated by the earth;
But each man must one day someday
Be de-gravitated and become vertical
To float free
And journey to that outside of his inside:
To that, his eternal habitation.

Contributing Poet - Deepak Ransom has an M.Sc and is presently the director of International Language Institute, Allahabad  [email protected]



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