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The wind ruffles the wispy blooms of the tree..
A touch of green highlights its beauty
Dainty clouds weave through the sky's expanse..
And duel with the sun's brilliance..

The faint crashes of the waves against the shore resonate in the air..
I gaze at the horizon; It appears endless, overwhelming calm
It encompasses everything in sight..dwarfing my mere presence
Its tranquility coerces the mind to ponder over profound thoughts..
Its modest allure mystifies the soul grieves it..

As I take in its complete magnetism & become conscious of its enchanting quality
The utter insignificance of day-to-day toils strike me..
The seconds tick passes on..quietly
It seems to slip through my fingers every single day
vanishing completely from sight

Each new hour sees an older me but not a wiser me
Like others..I remain crippled by petty feelings..hurtful thoughts & sad memories..
Makes me wonder if anyone can truly escape unscathed from pain & disillusionment
Each day new clouds cover the sky..
Sometimes the sun manages to drive its gloom away
So is it with life..every day, new agony belittles life..

But on some days..hope proves triumphant;
A new morn brings with it a pleasant breeze..
Willing it to drive away the previous day's sad remnants..
At times..I admire the waves not because they are powerful & climb heights..

But because after every fall.they rise again
Maybe that's supposed to be the triumph of the human soul as well
As such thoughts provoke my muddled brain, the sun begins to set...
The horizon looks bewitching
A deep burgundy, a soft cream & a lovely crimson interweave to create the most beautiful sight I've ever seen
And as nightfall approaches I walk back

Away from the serenity away from the poise. away from the beauty..
And once again, all I'm left with are unanswered questions ..turbulent thoughts & a small crease on my forehead
* * *

Contributed By Anamika Sengupta 18 yrs in class 12th
Little Flower School Jamshedpur [email protected]



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