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Cos I Know I Have A Friend

 I still remember that day
When you stood up for me
And I didn't know what to say
When I saw sparkles of kindness in your eyes.

There's a friend an I know
No one's better that you.
Its just the way you make
My moods turn around.

I don't give, I wont get away
When life's tougher
I'll stay around braver than I could be
Cos i know there's someone like you

A real friend, a one to never forget
A true friend who's in a dream
So close, you cant get annoyed
Because she's your greatest strength.

They say that friends are
People who know the song in your
Heart and can sing it back
To you when you forget the words.

Contributing Poet -   Dhwani Yagnaraman, likes soccer, listening to music and writing [email protected]



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