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It Happened One Night

 Rain poured upon my window, the night Marie died,
but the moon shone bright upon all other windows.
As the night grew late.
I was awakened, by the heavenly sound of an angel
singing a most beautiful tune of Marie.
While she sang, the rain began to subside.
I knew I had to view this heavenly creature outside,
for her song and perfect playing filled my heart with so much comforting grace.
I glanced outside as the remaining raindrops slithered
down my window like tiny snakes.
I saw a heavenly angel dressed in brilliant white,
with golden hair illuminating the darkness of the night,
with a small harp of silver and blue gently cradled within her tender hands,
and for a brief moment, I saw Marie standing there,
audience to this most perfect being.
She looked to me in a moment's light,
smiling the brightest smile,
the one I've always known her to possess.
She waved good-bye and whispered to me a sweet good-night,
as her spirit took flight like a meteor into the black night sky.
I watched the streaking orange light disappear,
as a tear like a brilliant diamond rolling slowly down my soft cheek
sparkled as it dropped to the dusty wood floor on which I stood,
splashing in a sound no louder than a whisper.
I breathed an empty painful sigh,
staring into the dark eternal sky
and with pure hope she would hear
I spoke softly this sad reply....
"Good night! My sweet Marie....
My! dear mother....
Good night...."

Contributed By- Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Email: [email protected]
Writer, from the heart. Though mom never lived to see what true adoration I had for her. I know now that all mothers are our peace... Hope....Love....Our true protectors.



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