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They Tried to Halt Me

They tried to halt me, From walking ahead,
They tried to stop me From thinking high...

They tried to bind
Me to ground
So that, Free bird can’t fly…

But, still with
Same constant smile,
As, I still have to walk
An extra mile…

They tried to delve holes,
For me to fall
But then their own contrives
Took its toll…

Once, I was alone I thought to quit
But, then I knew
There can’t be light without being lit…

And, then I knew The work for me is pile
As, I have to walk
An extra mile…

Highs and lows Are component of life
Life is not always rosy
As thorns can not be deprived…

Hence, work more
And never give up is what I feel
And, being daunted by failure
Is surely no deal...

Be it plains or woods,
I will stand still
Won’t fear from up or down
Be it steep valley or hill…

And, I achieve what I deserve
Won’t let others to decide my fate…
I have to walk an extra mile
Before it’s getting too late…

Contributed By-   Kriti Sharma, I am an IT Professional and an MBA student and love to pen my thoughts in the form of articles or Poems [email protected]



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