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 He is the father,
He is the mother.
He is the creator,
He is the destroyer.
He is the one who created this earth,
You, i and we were given this birth.

The earth was a benighted place,
He culled divinities to ratify the pace.
Hence came a light when ram was born,
Then that gloomy night was torn.
Nanak spread the same message,
That led everyone to the safe passage.
Muhammad and Buddha did the same,
This earned them a lot of fame.
Then was the turn of Jesus Christ,
Did his best and paid the price.

All of them were great messengers,
For us all mortal, stupid passengers.
The earth was grateful, thankful to them all,
After their departure the earth had a fall.
Again that benighted night has come,
And he must send at least someone.
This man needs help to trod,
That will be possible if helped by god!

Contributing Poet - Ravneet is an M.A. in English and has worked as a freelance writer cum editor for over a year. Email:  [email protected]




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