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GOD - Almighty

 When troubles arise all of a sudden,
When life becomes a burden,

When sadness you canít bear,
And your eyes shed a tear, Donít fear, coz God is near.

When your efforts fail and dreams shatter,
When the clouds of sorrow seem to clatter,

When you are unable to solve a matter,
Cheer, donít fear, coz God is near.

When in the midst of darkness you are thrown,
When sympathy from no where you are shown,

When in this world you are left alone,
Be brave and donít fear, coz God is near.

Ah! When the faith of God is there,
For troubles you donít care,

With God all your sorrows you can share,
So you neednít fear, coz God is near.

Contributing Poet - Harmeen Kaur Soodan, I am a homemaker and based out of Uganda. I have recently moved from India to Uganda with my family. I have been writing poetry since young and now decided to submit my work to your collections on a much wider platform - the internet. [email protected]



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