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Glass Feathers

They float gently in the wind, each one with a reflection of your face as I see you in my dreams

Floating away gentle with the smiles, the laughs, the tears we used to share

Feathers shed by this bird called love or infatuation I do not know the difference

All I know is that it was strong, it was fun, there was a connection
But here go the glass feathers to tell another story

On and on the glass feathers swim in the breeze, each with its own story to tell

One stained by a tear, another splashed with blood, red like Jezebelís lips

Each feather reopening the wound that refuses to heal

And the heart that insists on holding onto the pain and clinging to memories

But the glass feather showing you and me is cracked in the centre

Glass feathers being blown away along with the memories

So hard to let go, I stretch my hands to hold them back before they float away

But the sharp pain in my hands reminds me that these are glass feathers

And the torrents of blood remind me exactly why I should let them go

They have cut me. They have cut my heart. They have cut my soul.
They are glass feathers.

Contributed By :  zithelo mnguni [email protected]



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