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Those beautiful words flowed in music --

"see the full'll be me looking at you."

I wish for a full moon after every sunset

and then hide itself faintly behind the risen sun,

yet somehow I wish tonight would not die

for here I am, leaning against the window,

staring at the beautiful full moon,

and comforting myself for every emptiness

I am feeling when you are far away.

My heart is lonely...heavy...tearful...

because I really miss telling you...

how special you are to me and how very much I love you,

how eager I am to know just how you are doing.

And the full moon up in the sky leaves me more empty inside...

because I know I cannot reach you,

especially now when I wish it so much,

and thinking this repeatedly till a tear cries,

"I'm missing you a whole lot,"

I still stand by the window looking at the moon,

wishing you are happy and peaceful.

Contributing Poet -  May - Hi. I'm working in the healthcare sector in quality assurance. I'm in Bangalore. I have keen interest in reading, writing, photography, trekking, and music. I believe that all of us have talent, which, when used, can make a difference in the world, or at least, in someone's life. The choice is ours. My writings are usually from personal experiences. [email protected]




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