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Friends Unknown

 There are people, even in this day
Who need no reasons, causes or excuses
To be friends -----
The love of mankind, the fragrance of happiness
Spreads and blossoms, within them, like a bud unfurling,
Under the love-lorn gaze of the morning.

While roaming on the streets, with a spring on my feet,
I discovered one morning, this friend of mine.
His was an unusual gait,
As he moved with abandon

As if in harmony, with the elements themselves

The morning was bright the air was good
And things oh! So right
For the smile we shared in mutual harmony.
The smile was lazy yet so bright,
As if encompassing with all its might
The joy and ecstasy of being alive.
His eyes spoke a language unknown
Of friendship and love so tender and green:
Turning my head, I stretched my hand,
To my friend unknown
But where was he?
My friend so bright, with eyes of love
The mystery eluded me
Like a screen of smoke

Leaving me hapless, forlorn and cold
But then the spirits like imagination arose--------
For I remembered that smile once more
So tender and light, bringing to me a vision so bright -----
Of love and friendship,
For today and always.

Contributing Poet -  Maitreyee Chowdhury is a content writer with a passion for the written word. The present poem is an ode to friendship in any form in any kind. Email: [email protected]



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