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 You're always there for me,
Whenever, wherever it may be,

Sometimes I stop to think about you,
And what life would be without you.

Side by side, hand in hand,
Together we shall cross the path of darkness,

We make a great team together,
And united we shall always be.

You might just play with me,
But you're more than just that,

You're someone trustworthy,
And a great support.

If we ever separate,
You'll always be remembered,

I'll cherish my memories of you,
Deep in my heart.

I'll never forget your cheerful face,
Full of wisdom, fun and jokes,

Wherever you may be,
Whatever you're doing,

I'll always remember you!

Contributing Poet - I'm Dhwani Yagnaraman,11 years old, staying in Bangalore. I like playing sports and writing. Email:  [email protected]




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