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 He who rises with you,
He who sets with you,
He who laughs with you,
He who cries with you,
He who strikes with you,
He who thrives with you,
He who lives with you,
He who dies with you,
He who you think is made only for you,
never want anyone to share with you,
all his qualities always suit you,
u only guess this person is who?

He who brings your confidence back,
He who backs you on to the right track,
he who collects your lost desires,
in your adversity the only one who admires,
He who you love to talk about,
even if your time is running out,
He who lights your darkest side,
He who brings back your lost pride,
He who is like honey to the bee,
tell me the person who is he?

He who makes you feel you are not alone,
He who builds your relations that are torn,
He who can be trusted even with your eyes closed,
He who never deceives even if forced,
He who fulfils your unfulfilled dreams,
for this lets his blood even flow like streams,
He is Krishna to every sudama,
and a Hanuman to every Rama,
He will be faithful until his very end,
guess who he can be? Aray only a true friend!

Contributing Poet - Ravneet is an M.A. in English and has worked as a freelance writer cum editor for over a year. Email:  [email protected]




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