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My First Kiss

Eyes busy in quiet conversation…Beginning of life, true love, mature bond

Holding hands under blue sky…Bliss showering in different colors

Running fingers through hairs softly…Drifted me closer moving the reins

Warmth in gasp spread like scent… Passion rushed like blood in veins

Searing breaths touched blushing face…Lived divine dreams thro open eyes

Heart going wild flying free…Felt tender touch bursting with deep sighs

Ultimate pleasure tapping senses…Free of fear and pain, trying to break free

Blushing cheeks, trembling lips came closer…First kiss surrendered the soul

An innocent memory etched upon forever…beyond imagination, beyond eternity!!!

Contributing Poet -  
Nitin Malik is working as a Senior Writer in an e-learning MNC in Mumbai. He is quite passionate about reading and writing and his hobbies include making friends, reading, writing, playing chess and Cricket, watching birds and sky, enjoying the nature, listening music, catching late night shows of recent releases on weekend at near by multiplex etc. He also enjoys writing personal experiences/articles on social issues, motivational, and creative stuff/Poems, Short stories etc. His articles/stories/poems have been published in National Daily newspaper “Hindustan Times.” [email protected]



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