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A Family Affair

The scene from indulgent debt ridden family:

Toad AIG strings notes to unlabeled bonus fields,

Unconcerned a Grand Old Person dances to tune,

Yonder the mirror conceals TG's under the belt shot,

Awakened transparency in desperate steps:

Untouched assets loose weight in real estate structure,

Take a hit to tumble below contracted capital,

Owners ride the trough swallowed by insiders’ guilt.

Pay by the nose or choose to drown in unjust tilt.

Future is bright the signals strong and critical;

Heed to the demand for a new family song.

Term  Definition Used In"GOP"

"GOP" stands for "Grand Old Party." Used for the Republican party, the term originated in the late 1870's, coined by newspaper headlines, to refer to the dominance of the  Republican party.
Until Franklin Roosevelt's election in 1933, Republicans had controlled the White House for 56 years, the Senate for 60 years, and the House of Representatives for 50 years.
House & Senate

Contributed By 

Jai Garg  [email protected]

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