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Ever Thought?

Knowledge can be power...Knowledge can be crippling
Ignorance can be a crime. Ignorance can be bliss

Togetherness can be fulfilling. Togetherness can be suffocating
Solitude can be frightening. Solitude can be peaceful

Dreams can be unreal. dreams can be a key to reality
Reality can be mundane. reality can be strange.

Truth always wins. but truth is not always a winner.
Lies can be harmful. lies can be saviors

Desires can be fuel. Desires can be hindrance
Expectations can be source of motivation. Expectations can be the source of frustrations.

Perfection can be beautiful. perfection can be discomforting
Imperfection can be ugly. imperfection can be endearing.

Memories can be an asset. memories can be burden
Forgiveness can be surrendering the right to vengeance. Forgiveness can be the sweetest revenge.

Contributing Poet -   I am a MBA student form Bangalore. In the above poem have just tried to put down some of my thoughts recently.  [email protected]



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