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The Little Elements of My Happiness

The little elements of my happiness…

To awaken with a freshness as crisp as a new day, A cheerful smile greeting me on the way,

The early sun extending its arms through the window, The gurgle of an infant in a spontaneous flow,

Joyous Frisky swirling in his rapturous bark, The love of children in their frenzy dart,

Melting moments of peaceful solitary retreat,
The harmony, the melody, the charm of the street,

Beckons now the sun-down phase,
Shying away in a golden haze,

Evening swoops in -- a lover’s mild touch
upon the trees and the flowers -- a gentle brush.

The leaves twirl with the playful breeze,
Tickling the whiskers of the grass in a light tease.

Restful slumber in the fall of the night,
The stars above shimmering in twilight,

Home, alas, we stream from far and near
Home, it is, our dear family together.

Contributed By- May Young [email protected]



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