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With success caressing me on every trip.

At full throttle I rode on destiny’s unsinkable ship

Little did I think a stray gust could change my course.

When it did happen I was left with no time for remorse.

D is destiny or so I thought,

D in and D out I fought,

Help from Tom, Dick and Harry I sought,

Now my dreams smell; are they beginning to rot?

My feet's wet, am I on a sinking boat?

My head is cooked; its another bad day;

Time and again I hear myself say;

Enough is enough, get a life, fly away.

With reality caressing insanity, I am on the brink.

I can’t get myself to work; my head is failing to think;


Contributed By :  Jayan Varghese My poems are a drag because they are borne out of sheer boredom. My need to express myself is my way of thawing my rusted brain. Publish it or perish. [email protected]



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