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My Dreams Will Get Summation

Taking burly dreams in my twinkling eyes,
I remember the days when I was so high

musing was my hobby but no authenticity lies
Delusionist I became which is now a reason for my cries
Today, holding my bag snuggled,
I am on my journey to accomplish my reverie

...I know the track is full of heartless misery
But, if needed, I am ready to face my obituary

Now the dream is not just merely a dream,
the chimerical boy, now has a lathery to make it happendoing so, shall teach pensive a lesson
and the humanity will say, the chimerical boy had a passion

Incredibility and Perfection will make me feel ecstatic
showing my indescribable things will make everyone static

My Individuality and Integrity will leave my adherent my addict
And the dream is the only way which can prove my instinct
But, sometimes, in corner of my heart.
there is an uncertainty of my faiths in my speculation

some messy things come across my mind with a tint of apprehension
well.........I know, this is only the supervene inception

Whatever happens, happens for a reason
Although I am not a poet but still can expect for my dream completion

God knows, assiduous is the answer to the sensation
So one day,

 musing-day dreaming, reverie-dream, chimerical-dreamy, lachery-lust, pensives-dreamy, adherent-follower, supervene-happen, inception-start(begining), assiduos-hardwork, sensation-success

Contributed By  Parminder Singh Doing b tech from IP university [email protected]



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