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This lil dream of mine.

When the dark gets lonely,
When the silences speak.
When the memories haunt
And I feel weak.
I see no guiding light
I hear no soothing voices

When the vision gets blurred
When nothing makes sense
When nothing seems true
And I wonder. what hence?
Have no shoulder to cry on..
I see no reasons to go on

But ...I hang on.
I hang on..
to a lil dream of mine
A happy home. a happy me..

A place I belong.
Where I am free..
I can be myself..
I can just be me

A spill of laughter..
And warmth of smiles.
A sense of togetherness
And many unknown miles.

Happy bright mornings
And cheerful days..
Busy weeks
And lazy Sundays..

A life full of life..
Free of the past..
Fresh, new.
Right from the start.
And so .
I hang on.
I hang on to this.. lil dream of mine..

Contributing Poet -   I am an MBA student from Bangalore. I have my share of my ups and downs and at certain points in life, I have tried to express my thoughts/feelings through a poem. Email: [email protected]



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