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My Dream Institution

To attain success, there are hurdles to cross,
But to attain happiness CAN YOU SUGGEST my boss.

To study in a prestigious institution, was the dream I had,
To attain it CAN YOU SUGGEST way to convince my dad.

O no I failed in class 10+2, now what to do.
CAN YOU SUGGEST, now what to do

Thought as a hurdle & gave the exam again.
No No Not again nor even 35 I gain. Failed again.

Do you know what is the meaning of failure,
No one likes to talk to you my dear,
Only one thing you listen, You can't do anything.
You can't do anything, You can't do anything!!!!!!!!

Lonely I used to yell, shout & scream,
CAN YOU SUGGEST now How can I fulfill my dream?

In this world O great,
The Lord Almighty, CAN YOU SUGGEST
In whom I must have faith.

Forget my dream, My lord,
will I attain happiness,
CAN YOU SUGGEST me any witness,
who can show a way to gain success,

Let my dream be washed off,
but some one should say that
I am your daughter my Lord
(It is said that good people are made by god & the worst ones are
made by any unknown who don't have any of his identity)

I want to get rid of this work of failure
Cause I am totally burst, please help my future.

Having some faith I gave my exam again,
o what I got,
no my tears are not hot!
Its 76/100 totally unexpected.......

Thank you GOD,
I will always be loyal to you like a DOG.

I imagine happiness & success on my gate,
Now CAN YOU SUGGEST me any date

I want to recover my thirst, ofcourse I stood first

Mithibai college? will I get admission,
Of course its not my only mission.
Again a hurdle, mark sheets I had three
Daddy said no for the fee.

Though I forgot my dream But now my dream was his (god) dream
He will give me any how. He will give me any how........

I love you my lord now I am now a student of MITHIBAI,
Though I don't live close by,
but I am proud to be a member of my dream institution.
Now there is no Confusion.

CAN YOU IMAGINE I am in my dream Institution
I pray that I could do something for my dream institution........

Contributed By  -  Ritu Sharma, F.Y.Bsc (CBZ) , [email protected]



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