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YoU dOn'T LuV mE....

 Tears drop like falling rain.
Holding a pillow to ease the pain,
Praying to God, looking up in the sky,
Looking at my reflection asking "why?"
Holding my love deep in my heart,
Wondering why we fell apart.

Now who will be the one to dry my tears?
Who will be the one to chase away my fears?
Your love was like a guiding light
That kept me safe all day, all night.
Without you here in my life
I'm scared, I'm lost. Nothing is right

Still dreaming of you all day and all night.
Wanting to hold you, oh, so tight.
Remembering your gentle touch,
Now missing you so much.
Why did this love even start?
Not knowing it would tear me apart.

When will this never-ending feeling end?
When will my broken heart mend?
I wish I knew
So, I can stop feeling blue
But what can I do?
You don't love me.

Contributing Poet - This is Himanshu from Delhi pursing MBA as well as doing job in MNC. [email protected]



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