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Lines on My Departure

The monsoon occurred early that season
Early came the dawn

Bubbling blossoms gained full bloom
The nature so acute

Pinnacle of elation touched a couple of hearts
Flare of mirth fetched waves of euphoria

Sunbeams soothed a few souls
The breeze showered blessings as well

Single season of gracefulness
Grateful to thy soul

The gloaming occupy the next phase
Dusk alone...somberness along
Several sounds, you never heard
Uncounted warmth you never touched

You have never come across...

The soul you destroyed
You've never looked back in love
Abandon my rotten corpse
Tread on it, as you pierced

Tired of yelling
I invite you on my funeral

Stand beside my mausoleum; a moment
Throw some dried petals on my body

I fall I cry I die

Sailing beyond the chronicles of past I beg only a handful of soil

Then leave forever dear...Leave a few footprints on my grave,

A few butterflies if you can...

Contributed By -  Madhumanti Saha [email protected]



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