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Conceited, Me

Nothing gets my goat
As a man who loves to gloat
A man who thinks he is great
Is the man I love to hate

The conceited have nothing to back their claim
Their vanity can put a peacock to shame
In fact, the less intelligent they are
The more they act like an A-list star

He’ll never learn anything, a conceited bore
He already knows everything there’s to know!
If a man can count his worth, as such
It obviously doesn’t amount to much

But there’s nothing to wound his pride
You see, the sun shines out of his backside
Any day I’d take a hero unsung
Than be cornered by a bragging tongue!

Contributed By- Vibha Batra, a poet and writer from Chennai. Has three published books to her credit. The last one was a collection of humour tinged poetry titled 'Tongue-in-cheek''



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