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Computers V/s Books

Computer, computer, computer
Thatís the cry youíll hear everywhere

All over reigning it is
And has dissolved all boundaries

No more a luxury it is
Indeed, one of the essential commodities

(It seems) One cannot do without a PC
Címon, this is the era of Java and C!

But books! Where are they gone?
Do they still exist or there are none

Books, once a matter of glory
A few years hence, Iím afraid, theyíll be a story

Are they losing their reputation?
With programming gaining more attention

Beauty of your shelf, once they were
Now replaced by the desktop, forever

Let us hope books are not fading into oblivion
And raise our voice in union

Also, letís embrace the electronic media
Without forgetting the big, fat encyclopedia

Contributing Poet  Medha De

  A Sociology graduate, I work as a copywriter in Bangalore. I love spending my leisure time reading and writing.



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