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The Bride

Coy and demure she waits to belong
to the man of her dreams,
to set foot on a wondrous realm
of submission and passion, sharing and caring.
Her Kohl rimmed eyes, slightly moist
that she is no more Mama's little girl!

Her braid wound in jasmine strings
reclines in pride by her waist.
The silk glory in red and gold
rustles softly as she moves.
silver anklets on snowy feet,
wrists replete with glossy bangles,
jingle in a merry lilt.

She gives herself to solemn pledges
Dharmecha...Arthecha...Kamecha...Nathi Charami...
She matches her steps with her beloved
the seven steps -'the Saptapadi'.

They are now man and wife
A new life, a new beginning!
New roles to play
that of a master of one's own life
and that of a creator of a new life
bearing to this earth a shadow of self.

Contributed By- Daya Bhat [email protected]

This is just a humble attempt to depict a bride as she readies herself to make the most important commitment of her life.



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