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Blinding Confessions

Certain people are gifted more,
so am I, my dear friend.

I can feel the sun rising
before someone wishes you morning.

I can hear the birds singing & cooing
and I can smell the flowers blooming.

I can see them, feel them & hear them
in a unique way which you can't perceive.

I get the first notice
when the Spring is in the air.

I can sense it when the clouds're heavy
and hence I know the lovely rainy times.

The beauty next door Tina Jamie
Is so fond of happy go lucky me

b'cos I can sense when she's happy
and tell my jokes then, you see!

I can feel the stars & the Moon,
for their light shimmers inside me

against the permanent backdrop
of the dark night sky.

I believe I can fly high
as my imagination soars to the sky.

But I want to confess my dear friend,
I'd like to see the rainbow once again.

Contributing Poet  Rahul S I'm someone who can't live without reading and writing. [email protected] 



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