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Beauty, the glory and elixir of life
Without you, there is no living

To this life of endless strife
The light of love you keep giving

In the smile of a child
In the joy of a dancing leaf
In the color of a blooming flower

In the lonely hills gloriously aligned
In the depth of a heart kind
I see your shadow pass through my mind

Through all the sorrows
And sufferings of mankind

Through the negation
Of all knowledge blind

Through piercing all veils
Making the intellect refined

Leaving all the burdens behind
Denying my self, my knowledge

My experiences, all my luggage
The very foundation of my mind

When I come empty handed
In every corner you I find

Contributed By-  Ashutosh writes poetry, short fiction and essays. He was born in Lucknow in 1984, where he completed his schooling. He completed his graduate studies in New Delhi and his post-graduate education in Mumbai. He is also a salaried professional and is currently based in Mumbai. He is the author of several short stories, essays and poems. His work has been published in both print and online media extensively. His work has appeared in or has been accepted for publication in several print and online literary magazines including Houston Literary Review, Oak Bend Review, Taj Mahal Review, Yellow Medicine Review, Long Story Short, The Cynic Online Magazine, and others. [email protected] Ashutosh on the web:




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