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Neither know you love, Nor know you fragrance

No chanting of anthems, Or the reward of holy prayers

Grace of God.

Love of mother nor father,

Nor the green balm

And its reflective heart, The smile of flowers,

The song of breeze Nor the consolation of sages,

Satisfaction of mankind

Character of consciousness,

Nor you know

Adorations, worship, Presence of Divine

Emancipation and essence of being

Nor to your heart for agony

Sympathy, relations and multitudes.

Contributed By -  Dr. Kalpna Rajput is the poet, translator, reviewer and editor and co-author of several books. She has been widely published in India and abroad. She is the Assistant Editor of literary ezine of Dr Shaleen Kumar Singh, her husband. Her Poems articles and papers have appeared in different journals of India and abroad. Presently she is editing a book on Stephen Gill, a poet from Canada with her husband. [email protected]



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