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Ashes & Dust

One Sinister night, Sudden warmth and flames.
A red dragon. Green crest.
Spitting fire. Bloody eyed.
Set everything ablaze.

Swaggerin' to and fro. So heavy each step.
All run helter skelter.
A child stays.

In awe of the colours. This incredible wretch.
See the old man rush!!
Whispering, pull him away.
"Not glass. No. Not wood. Let's go to the lake!!"

Hiding and crouching, then down they went.
Only heads above stay
Two submerged bodies,
One night one day.

Then crisis gone, shivering, Through made their way,
Smoky Simmering haze.
Smell of flesh.

And there, Once was home. Now, nought remains.

Young dark eyes searched, turned,
Brimming with questions, incredulous.
Held firm by a watery older pair,
Hands on shoulders,

"Son, Hear what I say,
One thing, remember you must.
Finally everything mingles with this air.
Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust."

Contributing Poet  Priya Ohol is a mechanical engineer and freelance writer. [email protected]



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